Utsahi Nepal (Formerly Cheers Nepal) is a youth-led non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to addressing a variety of social issues through a range of programs and initiatives across the country.  

The organization started as a youth group named “Cheers Network” in early 2013, with the goal of bringing positive change to the country through small initiatives. The group aimed to network with young people to bring a smile to the faces of people in need. Initially, it had no funding but as its activities increased, more and more youths joined. The organization reached thousands of young people through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and collaborated with other groups and organizations on various issues related to youth empowerment and civic awareness.

Some of the early activities of Cheers Network include Cheers Talk, Cheers PRO, Reveal Your Power, and Cheers in Action, which reached various parts of the country and connected thousands of active youths with partners, organizations, and supporters. In December 2014, Cheers Network was officially registered as an NGO under the name “Utsahi Nepal” with board members from different regions and backgrounds.

Utsahi Nepal currently focuses on promoting youth and gender equality, fostering good governance and civic engagement, and providing training and capacity-building opportunities. We have a robust management capability for undertaking projects in these areas. 

We have delivered different projects on broader thematic areas of: 

  1. Youth and Gender Equality 
  2. Governance and Civic Engagement 
  3. Livelihood and entrepreneurship 
  4. Quality Education 
  5. Climate Change & Environment sustainability 
  6. Quality Healthcare service 
  7. Humanitarian Assistance 

Our teams are fully conversant with tools and practices associated with cross-cutting areas of gender and social inclusion, environmental conservation, multi-hazard resilience, social protection, policy influencing, and strategy development.  

We are a value-based organization that drives what we do, how we do, and how we connect.  We are committed to our values which include:


Protecting human dignity and preventing human suffering


Remain neutral in conflicts and not take sides


Provide assistance regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or any other factor


Operate independently from political or economic interests


Avoiding actions that could cause harm or exacerbate existing problems


Accountable to the people we serve, donors and the public


Coordination with other humanitarian organizations to avoid duplication of efforts and to maximize the impact of aid


The partner profile of Utsahi Nepal includes UNDP, UN-HABITAT, UNIC, Asia Foundation, Toni Hagen Foundation, and Nepal Tourism Board. We have also worked in collaboration with a number of Government agencies in Nepal and private institutions. 

Our organization brings the following useful experience of Nepal undertaking social and humanitarian projects:

  • Seven years of experience as a nonprofit service provider covering more than 10 projects working with multiple organizations. 
  • Applied COVID-19-compliant tools in project activities.
  • Youth/girls Mock Parliament sessions
  • Annual Flood and Landslide relief projects in terai and far-western regions of Nepal 
  • Cheers Talk-37 sessions with over 100 youth participants in each session 
  • Relief your power project for school children at 4 districts of Nepal 
  • Nepal Earthquake 2015 Relief Initiatives at 4 mot earthquake-hit districts 
  • Trauma relief camp for school children after Nepal earthquake 2015
  • Social dialogues on reconstruction after Nepal earthquake 2015
  • Feeding street children in Kathmandu valley 
  • Need-based Scholarship program for +2 level college studies 
  • Library support project for community schools and orphanages